Press Release 12 November 2020

Mitie launches five step guide to net zero with Plan Zero Playbook

  • Mitie has launched the Plan Zero Playbook, a step-by-step guide to reaching net zero carbon emissions
  • 《k8下载》揭示了“A到E”五步流程,以支持企业推动脱碳行动计划
  • 开发使用Mitie的内部专家,并基于已证实的可持续发展成就

While next week, commencing 16 November, should have marked the launch of COP26 in Glasgow, 推迟到2021年并没有阻止企业专注于实现其可持续发展目标. For those organisations looking to build back greener, Mitie发布了新的逐步实现碳净零排放的指南, the Plan Zero Playbook.

Following five phases, the ‘A to E process’, the Playbook is designed to demonstrate to businesses, big or small, how to create a tangible plan of action to reach decarbonisation. The process has been formed as a cycle, where businesses can jump in at any stage of the net zero journey, from setting targets, to developing a strategy, through to support with the execution.

该指南是根据米铁自己的经验制定的,该计划承诺到2025年实现碳净零排放, 发展战略,现在由米铁内部的专家团队执行计划. 由于这一第一手经验和其能源专业知识, Engineering, Fleet, Landscapes and Waste Teams, Mitie在支持其他寻求实现净零的企业方面处于独特的地位, 与他们一起实施“A-E零计划”——无论他们身处何方.

Mitie has already achieved significant results for its customers. For example, Mitie’s Energy Team saved over 300,000 tonnes of carbon in the financial year 2019/20, equivalent to enough power to run 370,000 homes for a year. 首先要改变方式,减少进入企业的资源, Mitie Waste已经将客户送到垃圾填埋场的垃圾数量减少了92件,000 tonnes each year. 同时,通过将食物垃圾转化为燃料,该公司每年为超过1.2万户家庭提供电力.

The five steps of Mitie’s A-E process are:


Before any goals can be set, 必须对目前的净零进展进行评估, the tools and data available, and identity the relevant internal stakeholders for the project. 这个阶段还可以确定业务中的任何技能、资源或数据缺口. Once completed, 可以成立“零计划”工作组,以激励内部团队,推动每个项目向前发展.

Baselining and Targeting

Plan Zero is driven by setting a range of ambitious targets, with achievable goals to get there, covering every aspect of business operations. 建立基线数据并将其与行业领导者进行比较,可以为设定雄心勃勃的净零目标提供背景. 一旦达成一致,这些目标就可以纳入总体战略,例如Mitie的零计划.

Compliance and Certification

While Mitie encourages businesses to go further, faster, certain sustainability and reporting standards are legally required. Looking beyond regulations, 获得认证向利益相关者证明企业重视环境保护, 在当前环境下,社会治理和公司治理(ESG)绩效日益突出.


Once the groundwork has been laid, 企业应该制定切实可行的计划来实现其目标. These should be supported by detailed funding proposals, which in many cases, can be developed to deliver zero carbon at zero cost, 通过专注于快速回报的解决方案,并以一种允许储蓄再投资回计划的方式订购活动. This creates a snowball effect, unlocking bigger and bigger investments for decarbonisation, as the financial savings grow. 这些节省下来的资金还可以用于资助其他可持续发展计划, such as projects to boost biodiversity.


With the detailed plan agreed, 现在是时候付诸行动,执行实现净零的战略了. Although the business will be following a specific strategy, how this is executed is not set in stone. In fact, the plan should flex over time in response to external factors, 比如新技术的发展或建筑使用方式的改变. With many businesses setting goals that are five, ten, or even 20 years into the future, 可能会有很多机会重新评估这个计划,让它变得更加雄心勃勃.

Given Mitie’s broad range of expertise, 它能够为企业提供支持,无论它们处于流程的哪个阶段.

可持续发展和能源k8下载总经理Pradyumna Pandit说:

“如果没有行动计划使其成为现实,雄心勃勃的可持续发展目标是毫无意义的. We’re proud to be walking the walk at Mitie, 制定切实可行的计划,在2025年实现我们自己的净零碳排放目标, but we know that we can’t solve the climate crisis alone.

“The journey to net zero can seem a daunting one, 每个企业都有自己的发展道路,并在发展过程中应对不同的挑战. However, help is at hand. 通过分享我们的计划零剧本和提供我们广泛的专业知识给其他企业, together we can make net zero happen.”

To celebrate the launch of the Plan Zero Playbook, Mitie将于11月19日星期四在可持续创新论坛上发表演讲. For more information and to register, visit the Sustainable Innovation Forum website.


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